Red Flower Indian Jasmine Body Wash



Red Flower is one of my favorite brands. I like to think of them as an american version of Ren but with more of a focus on spas. They’re carried at a lot of wonderful spas and it isn’t hard to see why. Their products are an aromatic delight! Their scents are derived purely from essential oils without synthetic fragrances which we need more of, especially when they’re done so well by a natural company! I’ve said before that fragrance in skincare products doesn’t matter to me because I buy products for their result, but when it comes to body products, scent becomes important because 1) it stays with you and dictates how you smell 2) I only need two things from body products: hydration and scent. In this regard, Red Flower body products are right on the mark. 



Their body wash products come in quite a few scents, each tantalizing and unique to suit all senses. It’s one of few lines where I want to try all the scents, which include: Italian Blood Orange, Icelandic Moonflower, Moroccan Rose. And truly there is no miss for me when I smelled the entire line in their New York store. All of their body washes perform the same function: cleanse, soften, and scent skin – so the only differentiation is which scent you’d like to use! I chose the Indian Jasmine because I just can’t resist a beautiful jasmine scent. The scent is a blend of tangerine, neroli, ylang-ylang, and dominated by an unmistakably floral Jasmine sambac. Those who are used to the synthetic jasmine scent in mainstream performs will need to adjust to this scent but for those who have a pretty natural routine, you’ll immediately appreciate the otherworldly purity of the jasmine scent, which Red Flower describes as “lush, heady, and intense”– but don’t let that scare you into thinking this is an aggressive scent. The scent remains light on the skin.


ImageThis is a body wash, so let’s get to performance! The key skin cleansers and softeners are Aloe, Arnica, and Honey which combine to give the gentlest of cleansing. Aloe is a known skin healer that softens and calms skin. Arnica is a botanical that is said to restore tranquility and stimulate blood flow. Honey is a wonderful conditioning agent that cleanses, purifies, and moisturizes skin. The base of the body wash is made from Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Castor Oil which are incredibly hydrating. Upon lather, skin feels wonderful and the senses are positively rejuvenated. After the shower, skin does seem softer and rough spots are a thing of the past. This should easily be the replacement product for all you soap lovers out there. 


The only issue I had with the ingredients list is the use of Palm Oil which is typically derived from methods that are not environmentally sustainable (it has been tied to large scale deforestation, wild life genocide,  and human rights/labor violations). Some of you might not care (although I encourage you to educate yourself about this as everyone should be aware of how their consumerism impacts the world), but I know it might be a dealbreaker for a few readers. I’m going to ask a Red Flower representative about the sourcing of their Palm Oil and see if it is derived from ethical means because it would be irresponsible to lump them in with this bad image if they’re actually being responsible (I believe that there are some ethical, vegan-friendly cooperatives that produce Palm Oil). Aside from that, they use plant sourced preservatives, and pure essential oils for fragrance, and no alcohol. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are urged to use caution when using products with Arnica and Jasmine so do consider another scent that contains less stimulating essential oils.


I highly suggest those of you looking for a body wash cleanses and moisturizes. Ideally, I’d like the Palm Oil to be substituted out for something else. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this otherwise natural, clean-formulated body wash is one of the most convenient ways to immediately transform the daily shower into a luxurious spa experience that reawakens the senses. 

Available at Red Flower ($22)

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