Who are you?

I am a 20-something New York transplant by way of South America. My educational background is in the social sciences and my professional background is in luxury beauty retail with accredited training in skincare. I’ve been trained by some of the worlds most sought after luxury brands and I enjoy figuring out personal solutions for individual skincare issues.

My love is for luxury beauty which includes green beauty, niche beauty and the traditional high-end brands.

Why should we listen to you?

You shouldn’t have to listen to anyone but hopefully you find my thoughts and observations to be insightful and helpful as my goal is to write as though sharing candid, unfiltered thoughts with a good girlfriend. I’ve been on Accutane, antibiotics, I’ve had sleepless nights worried about my skin and my personal self-image. I came out the other end through trialing everything under the watchful eye of school dermatologists, patient facialists, and experienced beauty representatives I met during my training at Neiman Marcus. I’m not an authority on beauty, but I’ve seen a lot firsthand and experienced so much that I want to share.

What are your favorite brands?

I love brands for various reasons. Some are purely results driven, some nail the brand execution and many exist somewhere in between. I’m always on the lookout for new and emerging brands but above that, I gravitate toward brands that I think are unique and interesting, ones that have a future.

Are you compensated for reviews?

I wish! Then I would update much more regularly! (JK) I don’t really play the unspoken game of “good press for free products,” most of the products I review are ones I purchase myself. I’ve found that this gives me the freedom to say what I really feel without any sense of obligation. If you’d like to support me for my work, I do use affiliate links when available which gives me a small commission of sales generated.

Can you write about more budget friendly products?

Totally get that everyone has their own budget and there are many great brands out there that are budget friendly. I personally like luxury brands and that’s what I know best so that is what I write about. I do think I dive deeper than simple marketing to really look at whether a brand and their products are ‘worth’ the investment so although my writing may cover high-end products, I think they’re worthwhile investments and may save you both time and money in the long term on products that aren’t as effective.

Can I send you questions?

Yes, they are welcomed but please understand because this isn’t my full time job, I may not reply promptly. Also questions I’m asked regularly may just be answered via a blog post so keep eyes peeled for that!


  1. janbarkan
    December 11, 2016 / 1:36 pm

    what do you think about biologic recharche products especailly there face creams

  2. Bethany
    May 4, 2017 / 11:22 am

    Hi Fabiana. What are your thought about Vintner’s daughter oil serum & Juno Sunday Riley? Im very interested in trying the African oil you have posted in your blog… Im my self have acne prone skin and regulary using retin A.

    Thank you

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