My name is Fabiana, I started my blog ‘Neimans/Beauty Idealist’ while I was a part-time Sales Associate at Neiman Marcus working on their beauty floor. This was my off campus job while I was a busy full-time college student in the Big Apple. I started this blog to chronicle my love of all things luxury and beauty with a focus on new, green brands.

Writing this blog really gave me insight to the world of beauty that my previous job did not and I realized how little use most blogs were to the actual beauty customer. How useful is it when beauty bloggers just dish on whatever brands send their way with nary an original thought beyond two lines of complimentary feedback? How many of you read beauty blogs that seem to move from one $300 serum to the next within the span of 2 posts? Or how each product earns rave reviews for solving some long-term problem (dark under eye shadows) which is again referenced as a cured problem in the next product review? And do you ever wonder how every other product reviewed can be considered a ‘holy grail’ item? Me too!

As someone who had very bad skin, yet painfully shy to take my problem publicly outside of a dermatologist office, I relied on the wisdom of online bloggers to show me the way. When I was on Accutane, I would scour through any posts that mentioned lessons learned through beauty rituals but instead all I got were singular product reviews that were positive but also highly unhelpful as they read like press pieces. I still have very finicky skin, dry sometimes and almost chronically dry in some areas, and stubbornly acne prone. But I experiment, I find what works for me and what doesn’t – and I think this real experience is what is lacking in the beauty blogging world.

So I decided to be the change I wanted to see. My goal in launching The Beauty Idealist is to discuss and share beauty rituals, effective products, and personal experiences that are relatable and relevant to the beauty junkie. Sure, the products I love will still be primarily luxury products, but you’ll see that I actually use them. The Beauty Idealist is what I’d like to turn into a useful medium for luxury beauty customers to find the products and rituals that actually work.

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  1. look at you, migrating over to wordpress! welcome, dear 🙂 i think we may be skincare sisters … your skin profile sounds so similar to mine. i used azelex and tazorac back in the day and was so tempted by strong remedies. cleaner eating, exercise (yoga) and yes, better skincare products + understanding of my skin has helped. and perhaps getting a bit older, though i’m the 27-year-old who still breaks out 😦 and you mention fine lines/faint smile lines … im getting them too!!! 😦 we need to brunch + bitch about these things together soon.

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