New Release: Tata Harper Lip Treatments

I know, it seems I’m obsessed with Tata Harper recently! But I just started playing with her new releases and I have to say, it makes me excited for the future of the natural beauty industry.

I really like that Tata is not just stopping at her current lineup of products and is instead diversifying, which is what she should be doing if she wants to compete with the big, established luxury brands that have products in every category.

The lip treatments take a step away from skincare and veer more towards the beauty side of things. Although there are a lot of wonderful anti-aging technology and conditioning properties in the products, I believe people will buy them more for the fact that they’re a beauty product with beneficial skin qualities rather than a skincare product with some beauty qualities.¬†

The products first of all purport to plump lips with a triple collagen technology. If you’re unsure of which one is right for you, this is how I would break them down:

Be fierce: is the sheerest lip treatment that conditions lips with antioxidants, this is suitable for those who might not need a lot of anti-aging treatments and is the cheapest at $24

Be true: is also a sheer lip treatment but this one is a little thicker and geared more for mature users and has anti-aging benefits 

Be adored: is pretty much “Be True” loaded with pigments

They’re produced in really sleek metal casing that screams luxury and I love seeing them in my handbag. As lip balms, I feel like they’re too expensive for the results but as lip tints (a la Ilia Lip tints) the Be Adored product is really good and worth considering for its skin pleasing benefits and wonderful pigmentation.

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