Labor Day Weekend Sales Picks

I know, I know, it’s been a while! There’s some good news that I’ll share soon on some things I have been working on. In the meantime, I found myself partaking in some Labor Day sales and thought I’d pull together one of my tried-and-true sales picks lists of the sales I am shopping, and what I’m getting.

Materiae: 25% Off – CODE: LDAY

Materiae was first introduced to me by the gentlemen at Garçon’s World. They’re a distribution retailer who carry one of the coolest curations of brands. Think ‘it’ brands like Lesse, Flamingo Estate, and Vacation. Sales aren’t common, and this is a decidedly “in-the-know” promotion released only to their email list. Here’s what I’m getting:

Vacation Classic Lotion SPF30: A cool editorial brand focused on “vacation essentials” namely, sunscreens designed with a retro California feel, and known for a fragrance component (made by co-founder and perfumer, Carlos Huber of Arquiste). I had to try something from the line, and felt the classic lotion would be the best entry point for me. Plus, at $18 retail, with 25% off, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Lotion not your speed? They also have a delicious Chardonnay Oil SPF30, and Spray SPF30 as well.

Facile Barely There Light Moisturizer: Moisturizer is something I use almost as an afterthought. I invest in my serums, and my moisturizers just have to be “clean” and decently priced. Facile is a brand that I’d be following on Instagram for a while, and I love their branding and packaging. Their Barely There Light Moisturizer look like exactly the type of light cream lotion that I think lots of new brands are getting just right. The Facile ingredients list looks clean, has good botanicals like watermelon and lentil, and all comes in decently priced at $25 retail. Again, too good to pass up!

Natureofthings Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask: Here’s the thing about Natureofthings, they’re beautiful, green, and sensorial, but they’re also expensive. Which is why I haven’t really tried the line. Everything is pricey. But that’s why we take the plunge during sales, right? I’m diving in with the Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask, which is a concept that originated from KBeauty, of a weightier, more nutrient-dense cream that essentially is a night cream that is so powerful it can be considered a mask. I just love that the formula is PACKED with amazing plants like hemp, alfalfa, horsetail, and am already excited to play around with the texture and scent of this lush cream.

Flamingo Estate Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle: Flamingo Estate is probably the line I’ve had my eye on the longest! Their visuals are just gorgeous, full of gourmand farm editorials and elegant packaging. Their Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle was one of Oprah’s favorites, and word is, one of their top selling products, which means a lot for a line with gems throughout.

David Mallett Volumizing Shampoo: I remember Emily Weiss (ITG) and Kate Young (celebrity stylist) talked about the specialness of David Mallett products, and how they’d always schedule an appointment at his salon anytime they visited Paris. There are many different products from his haircare range, but I decided to try out the Volumizing Shampoo first. I’m also thinking of adding the Vitamin Gel, which looks like a cool product. I’m always looking for a treatment type hair product that isn’t greasy, and this looks perfect.

The Nue Co: 25% Off – Code LABORDAY22

I’ve made my way through a lot of The Nue Co. but instead of regurgitating favorites, I’ll tell you what new things I’m trying this time:

The Nue Co. Defense Drops: I just feel it’s a good decision to think about my immune system with our ever running public health issues, especially as the weather turns cooler. Defense Drops is a concentrated liquid tincture with ingredients like Echinacea, Rosemary, and Astragalus, which I know works really well with the system.

The Nue Co. Vitamin D Mist: Vitamin D is one of the only nutrients I don’t really get from ingestion, and it is actually absorbed better through the skin or sublingually (under the tongue). I feel like the Vitamin D Mist is the product I always forget that I want to try from The Nue Co. Not this time!

Also, if you order over $100, The Nue Co. is including a free bottle of The Pill (their all-in-one topical hydrating, acid skincare serum), worth $85. With their products, it’s pretty easy to stack up and make this happen.

Naturium: 20% Off Code LD20 + 40% Off SALE Products

Naturium has been a quiet, yet reliable part of my skincare routine. I mainly tried their serums as my entry point, and they do not disappoint. I’m a fan of their price points, as they’re a terrific value for what you get. This time, I’m also trying some new releases and categories from them.

The Perfector Salicylic Acid Body Wash: First of all, this body wash is 500ml for $14, before we even apply the discount. Score. Second, and most important, the ingredients list reminds me of products like AmLactin, only with better ingredients. You might be wondering if this is for people with body acne, and that’s actually not why I’m getting it. Because it’s so similar to AmLactin, and the body products that it inspired by Soft Services, I think this is ‘perfect’ for handling skin textures including keratosis pilaris which creates dry, rough patches, and raised prominent follicles.

Purple Ginseng Cleansing Balm: Do I necessarily need a cleansing balm? No. But I’m taken by the name and concept of this, and therefore it goes into the ‘add to cart.’ Half kidding. There is a functional purpose to the cleansing balm, which is that I always have a place in my routine for an oil cleanse to remove makeup, and this has a good blend of oils to dissolve makeup, oil, and sunscreens. Coming from Susan Yara, who is a huge proponent of oil cleansing, I trust this to be really beautiful performing and easy to wash off.

Vegan Lactic Acid Emulsion 5%: Lactic Acid is one of my favorite acids, however the reason I’m excited for this beyond the 40% off, is that it makes me wonder how close it can come to Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, which uses lactic acid as the power active in the hundred dollar acid-serum. Knowing how Naturium products have worked for me, I wouldn’t be surprised if this provided the gentle performance that could rival the more expensive serums.

YÜLI: 15% Off Summer Essentials, Code SUMMER15

Anytime there is a (rare) YÜLI sale, I’m there. And I feel a duty to share. 15% Off goes far with YÜLI, and I was pleasantly surprised at their summer essentials, which includes favorites:

Halcyon Cleanser: My most purchased cleanser, perhaps, most purchased skincare product ever? I just love this cleanser, when you find the perfect one, it really does make all the difference, and anything else just won’t do. This is both light and gentle, while really making skin feel clean and fresh. Think comfortable naked skin that never feels tight, dry, or stripped.

Ambrosia Beauty Nectar: My most prized skincare item, period. Every time I put it into my routine, it’s just absolute magic. It’s a pretty penny, but so worth it and any time I can get this super-serum on sale, it’s a stockpile situation. I’d class it among the greats like Skinmedica TNS Serum ($295/1oz) and Eighth Day Regenerative Serum ($325/1oz), super-serums that have a special type of magic, except Ambrosia gives me better results done in a green formulation at $185/1.7oz retail, a bargain at this class. The value is there. It’s truly unlike anything, and just an absolute must if you’re going to invest in any piece of your skincare routine.

Liquid Courage Antioxidant Serum: I decided a while back that I was not going to ever spend more than $100 on a face oil. And I’ve stuck to it, sorry VD. Liquid Courage though, is no ordinary face oil. Besides being hailed as a 3-in-1 (face oil, antioxidant serum, and Vitamin C serum), the formula justifies the claims. Keen readers will notice this is a greener, more advanced take on the CEFerulic Acid serum, where they use THD Vitamin C, a more powerful, and deeper penetrating pharmaceutical Vitamin C (less chance of barrier disruption), plant-derived Ferulic Acid, and chiral Vitamin E (more stable and bioavailable), all encapsulated in antioxidant seed lipids. What I’ve come to realize about YÜLI products is that they’re priced in such a way that once you understand the value, they’re actually delivering a lot at prices that you won’t get elsewhere, which is why I always splurge on YÜLI, especially during their sales.

Other Noteworthy Sales

MIJA: 20% Off (including subscription), code SUMMER2022
My supplement routine got a lot more streamlined when I got on MIJA’s Superstar. It’s my one daily go-to because it does it all. No more figuring out which herbs to get, or choosing between energy or sleep, the way Superstar works is by filling the nutrient gaps, and providing the good stuff like adaptogens and nootropics, all derived from 100% organic superfoods, to help your body take care of itself.

The Detox Market: 10% off $75+, 15% off $150+, no code
I haven’t really checked into TDM in a hot minute, and they’ve loaded their offerings with even more new-to-me brands and products. Notable additions include Pharrell’s Humanrace, and Necessaire.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful, leave a comment for what you’re going to ‘add-to-cart’ or if there are other sales you like!


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