My day with Kahina Giving Beauty


I recently had the chance to check out Kahina‘s full line in person. As a luxury green beauty buff, it was my version of a playground: the entire range at my disposal! Here are my quick notes on the entire range from my limited time with them:

Kahina Giving Beauty Cleanser: A white creamy cleanser, almost no scent. Turns milky with water with no foaming or lather. Would probably be great for dry or sensitive skin. ($56)

Kahina Giving Beauty Toning Mist: Very light and refreshing, no strong fragrance but smells slightly of rose and aloe – feminine yet subtle enough for men to enjoy as well. I could see this being a staple item because it felt moisturizing without being heavy. ($46)

Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion: I’m not one to willfully experiment with lotions due to my skins ease with breaking out but a few pumps of this lotion convinced me this might be the next item to give the full test run. It felt light and hydrating without heavy fragrance (a recurring theme with Kahina that is welcomed in my opinion), and I feel like this might be wonderful over an oil or serum. ($62)

Kahina Giving Beauty Serum: I think this is Kahina’s version of a facial oil. It’s a dark and earthy oil that I think will be an upgrade for those who want something a little more fancy than Kahina’s renowned Argan Oil. ($90)

Kahina Brightening Serum: Read my review here.

Kahina Antioxidant Mask: Read my review here.

Kahina Eye Serum/Eye Cream: Okay so I played around with both to get an idea for who each product is for. The eye serum is light and sinks into skin. The eye cream is thicker and has longer presence on skin. Both are hydrating but the eye cream is what you want for dryness and more intense repair. The eye serum is great as a lighter weight product that may however be more active. ($78/$65)

Interesting note: the Eye Cream and Antioxidant Mask jars were nearly depleted so I definitely think those are the customer favorites.

On the whole I found the range to be very well made, the scents were always light and subtle, the textures were just right, and all products had great moisturizing qualities. After playing with the entire range, the products on my list are definitely the eye serum, facial lotion and toning mist.



  1. Lara
    January 21, 2014 / 5:55 pm

    Nice! I want to try the toner and lotion. The eyeserum is one of the best eyeproducts I’ve ever tried! It is quite active at plumbing and while light it packs a punch on the hydrating front. I also like the cleanser. I hear kahina is launching a night cream next month; i am watching out for it. Please write a rewiev about the lotion/toner once you tried them.

  2. Juliet
    January 26, 2014 / 1:58 am

    At first, I wasn’t interested in this line because I had previously tried argan oil (Josie Maran) and didn’t really see much change in my skin. Plus, it took forever to absorb! Now that I’ve been reading a lot about Kahina, I may have to try a few items!

  3. Caro
    February 2, 2014 / 5:47 pm

    I have grown to love Kahina products, though the eye cream is perhaps not enough for my 50-year-old skin… The light textures of the cleanser and moisturizer belie their effectiveness – they really do work yet are gentle and protective. I use the cleanser at night, massaging it into damp skin for a minute or two and then removing it with warm water and a microfiber cloth, and it takes off sunscreen, tinted moisturizer and RMS blusher very well without drying my combination skin. The moisturizer is very balancing. The brightening lotion hasn’t lightened a couple of dark spots, but it does make my skin overall look better and I think I will probably repurchase it. When my skin recently reacted badly to a ‘brightening’ gel cleanser (fruit acids/enzymes are not my friend!), Kahina products helped me recover very quickly!

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