Who you should be following on Instagram (Part 1)

I admit to not being a very savvy social media person but one of my resolutions this year is to engage more. I’ve had an Instagram for a while now but rarely publicize it, if you’d like, you can follow me there. I thought I’d post some recommendations of accounts I follow that consistently serve up the visual beauty product eye candy:

Spirit Beauty Lounge

Visually stunning, constantly chic and feminine, Spirit’s instagram delivers when it comes to satiating our desire for beautiful products. Added bonus, Spirit’s interests extend to many other things including juices, clean foods, technology (ask her about nebulizers and ultrasonic diffusers), and many other things which are all on full display here.

You’ll follow her for the gorgeous beauty products, but you’ll stay for her taste-maker level of curation.



Eva Chen

Here is what you need to know about Lucky’s Editor-in-Chief: she describes herself as editor, writer, shopper, New Yorker – and this simple description brilliantly outlines the continued theme in all her photos. No one does social media quite like Eva, and her instagram timeline is akin to a peek into her behind-the-scenes life, filled with New York scenery, serious food porn, outfit of the days, and my favorite – the travel beauty essentials.

Sex and the City might have been fictional, but this woman is living proof that a life of luxury beauty products and travel to exclusive events in the most high-end ready to wear does exist. Eva’s appeal is that she’s both aspirational and personable, the perfect role model whose pictures serve as a reminder that intelligent, kind, hard working girls can finish first.




Habitually Chic

Heather Clawson is a designer, photographer, and author who manages to merge all of her interests together into her instagram stream which features the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen of New York and Paris. That’s all there is to it because brilliance like hers doesn’t need more words, just enjoy the photos below.



Part 2 – The Brands, coming soon!


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