Natura Bisse Oxygen Cream

Lately my skin has been doing pretty well, and as we’re going into summer my usually temperamental skin has become a little more durable so I’m taking advantage of this time to test out a couple products from the Neiman Marcus Beauty department, disclaimer: these opinions are my own, not my employers and this post is not paid for directly or indirectly by anyone – in fact I am only testing this out from a sample packet that we would give to anyone interested in the products in store.

With that out of the way – Natura Bisse is a Spanish skincare company that offers interesting luxury products. Like many other ‘classical’ high-end brands such as the Swiss La Prairie line, they’ve redefined their product offerings into ‘collections’- Diamond, Cure, Oxygen, Vitamin, etc. Diamond is the ultimate anti-aging collection, Cure is meant to provide corrective treatment, Oxygen as you guessed delivers products that are oxygen rich, while Vitamin is the line that is loaded with Vitamin treatments for face (C+C cream is a favorite).

I decided to try the Oxygen Cream (Neiman Marcus, $85) – which “infuses oxygen into skin to restore vitality, purify, decongest, diminish impurities, add radiance, fade hyperpigmentation”. This cream is ‘suitable for all skin types’. I was drawn to this because my skin usually does well with products the purify and decongest as I do have blemish prone skin. I was also allured by the hyperpigmentation claims and oxygen which I read is good for cell health. 

The cream itself is a moderately thick white cream that applies onto face like a moisturizer. The scent is a cross between a fishy-omega scent and a very fragrant cream scent – very synthetic and not my favorite. The main active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which isn’t the worst chemical, but it is kind of a anti-septic bleach. I think all the claims of purifying, diminishing impurities, and fading hyperpigmentation are related to the hydrogen peroxide — which honestly, is a bit of a cop out. Hydrogen Peroxide isn’t the best thing to put on your face although it is by no means the worst, and you can buy a bottle of it for a fraction of the price of this cream. 

The fishy-omega scent, as I’m told by a coworker, is the seaweed and algae that is used in this cream. I’ve been using this cream for the past week at bed time and I haven’t really seen any of the benefits they claim. I should probably give it longer except I think the Hydrogen Peroxide is too much for my sensitive skin, as it gave me red blotches across my forehead. My coworker just told me today that I really should not use to regularly, that it is just a periodical moisturizer because of how strong it is. 

I really can’t think of where this product would go in my skincare regimen, it doesn’t provide me enough results to be used periodically and is too harsh for regular use. On top of it the scent is hard to adjust to and the key active ingredient isn’t that special nor beneficial for skin.  


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