nomadsoul replied to your postHow has your skincare philosophy evolved?

so has using these cleared you up? I have a very similar history but anytime I’ve tried any of the more natural alternatives, I’ve noticed no results and dissuaded find my way back to BP pretty fast. What is your regimen now?

First, I clicked your profile and your skin looks great!

My skin is pretty clear now, and I truly do believe it is due to the research behind the products I choose to use. When I stray and use skincare I am iffy about such as Sunday Riley, Clinique, Shiseido, Sisley, Kiehls, Lancome – I always break out. My skin within 2 days goes from glowing and clear to clogged and irritated. I also notice that my skin isn’t as balanced with some products I am iffy about and I will start overproducing sebum within an hour – so I definitely don’t think my skin is clear now because I’ve ‘phased out’ of that stage.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when switching to natural skincare is that natural things unlike a lot of chemical things takes longer. Chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide are made to attack your zits right away so you get immediate results but long term, BP has been shown to increase damage to skin (free radical damage, photo-aging, etc.)  Natural remedies can work fast (try The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil w/ Tamanu) and in general I find that what you don’t get in immediate results, you will see over time as your skin actually improves in overall quality. Please don’t be dissauded if you don’t see results right away, pay more attention to how healthy your skin feels and if it is balanced. Once you listen to your skin, it will reward you by being amazing! 

*I will do a post about my regimen soon, but the only reason I haven’t really done this in the past is because I experiment a LOT with products since I work at Neiman Marcus beauty.* 


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