Spotlight: Guerlain Summer Look Powder Brush

Product: Guerlain Summer Look Powder Brush ($43, Neimanmarcus)

I have a confession to make: I am a brush addict. I just can’t resist buying a new brush and will make any excuse: it’s a different color/texture/purpose, etc. At the end of the day, my brush collection is even more extensive than my foundation/powders!

When Guerlain introduced their Summer Look Powder Brush in the brilliant and colorful Emilio Pucci carry pouch, I fell in love. I know it is meant to pick up color from their Meteorites Perles d’Azur product (which is a genius product in itself), but I’ve been using it as almost a kabuki brush for my face. I absolutely love the size and shape of this brush as it has just the right amount of heft to feel like a quality product without being too ostentatious to actually use.

The beautiful packaging and presentation aside (the blue bristles are even more amazing in person) – the brush is good at picking up powder and it really applies powder evenly and gives a good soft focus effect on the face. After a few washes, I noticed that it doesn’t shed which is so good after the disappointment I’ve had with brushes from Laura Mercier, and NARS.

The negatives are that the bristles are goat hair, which means it is more coarse than many other brushes on the market. I’ve been able to buy brushes from other brands for $20-$30 that use natural hair that are more densely packed. The handle is a little short, but I wouldn’t say it is the shortest of all kabuki brushes I have used. It also isn’t as soft as I had hoped it would be so I definitely don’t recommend it for sensitive skin.

All in all, a decent brush that honestly looks better than it functions – but for a girl who loves eye candy as much as I do, this is one of the most special brushes on the market today.


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