Product Review: Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser

Product: Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser ($75, Neimanmarcus)

I adore a clean beauty product, so I was really happy to see Neiman Marcus carry Tata’s entire line. Tata has 2 cleansers, the Refreshing Cleanser and Regenerating Cleanser, the main difference is that the Regenerating Cleanser has natural exfoliating beads – other than that the formulas are very similar and leave the skin feeling much the same way. As I was looking for an every day cleanser, the exfoliating effects of the Regenerating cleanser would have been too much for my sensitive skin so I chose to try the Refreshing Cleanser.

The consistency is a orange creme colored lotion-like cream. It is thicker than most cleansers I’ve used but the instructions clearly state that it is activated when the enzymes are heated up when you rub it into your skin. Indeed at first it feels as though one is just moving the cream around their face until suddenly, it starts to break apart and do its job!

The natural aromas are heavenly! You can tell when a product uses all natural fragrances because it is just so beautiful, no synthetic can replicate it. And also – I’ve been trying this other line which I will review later and the synthetic fragrance grates on my senses after 20 minutes. The scent is floral and fruity with the dominant notes being chamomile, pomegranate, neroli, and bergamot. 

Immediately I noticed my skin felt so gentle and supple. It reminded me of what a babys bum kind of feels like! It left my skin feeling very nourished and indeed I can see where some people said it feels like giving oneself an at-home spa experience.

The only negative is that after 1 week of use, I noticed my pores were looking kind of congested. I then developed small white heads and black heads. No breakouts luckily, but I had never been the type to develop these clogged pores. I think the formula might be more suited to a more mature crowd with drier skin or smaller pores, and not really suited for my skin type which is blemish prone, and perhaps more easily congested.

I had to return this bottle only for this reason, but I wouldn’t say no to using it now and again. It’s just that at $75 a bottle, I need it to be something I can use everyday so my hunt for the perfect cleanser continues.


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