My Acne Scar Struggle & Holy Grail Product- YULI Ultimate Perfecting Serum

The term “holy grail” product, as many of you Makeupally junkies know, is not one to be taken lightly. I have used lots and lots of products, but I rarely stay loyal to any brand or product, instead I always try and see what else is out there.

This post is a going to be my most personal one yet. I had really bad skin during my teens. I was in a constant battle with my face which just seemed to love breaking out to the point that by the time I entered college, there wasn’t a spot left that didn’t have a blemish or blemish scar. At my lowest point, I remember crying during a Proactiv commercial on tv because I WISHED that I could look like ANY of those before pictures. Eventually I started Accutane which helped to clear me up significantly, but left my face with the scars and pockmarks from years and years of Acne. Up until a few months ago I hid my face behind a carefully planned regimen of Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Finish powder, etc. Part of the reason I work at the beauty department is so I can have access to skincare which has allowed me to experience scar/pigmentation serums & creams like Clinique Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, Murad Pigment Lightening Serum/Post-Acne Spot Lightning Gel, Origins Weil Skin Tone Correcting Serum, Clarins Vital Light Serum, & La Mer’s Concentrate. I’ve tried clean and non-clean formulas, a variety of actives, and while they all seemed to do more than nothing— I found my skin condition never really improved in any meaningful way, which is why I kept having to look for new treatments.

During fashion week last Jan/Feb, I volunteered and was given a gift bag at one of the shows that had a Yuli Elixir (Panacea) in there. I fell in love with the minimalist packaging but even more in love with how it made my skin look and feel. I noticed that I broke out less, had smaller pores, and that my skin was better able to decongest small buildup so my recovery time from the breakouts were significantly shortened.

So when my sample ran out, I went on their website to order more and thats when I saw the Ultimate Perfecting Serum (edit: Now CELL PERFECTO PM). The price isn’t cheap but to be honest, I think most of the money went into the product since I’m told they don’t spend any money on marketing and rely on word of mouth. According to the literature, the product works to stimulate and improve the collagen structure that is sorely lacking in scar tissue. It remodels the scar this way while other actives that are known to be really healing help to regenerate the scar tissue. I really love that it works by rebuilding the damage and not how a lot of the aforementioned products burn/superficially brighten/exfoliate the skin with chemicals that sometimes irritated my face.

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations of Yuli ‘s Ultimate Perfecting Serum since so many products had already failed me. My first time using it, I noticed there was sediment in there but their helpful customer service told me the sediment helps the serum retain activity and once massaged onto the skin, it will be activated and absorbed. This was very true. I rubbed it on my cheeks and forehead (2 drops per section), then went to bed. The next morning I noticed that the red scarring was somewhat calmed down and that my skin looked ‘rested’. So I decided to stick it out. After 4 weeks I noticed that my skin was very even toned, luminous, and that pockmarks seemed raised and the redness was faded. Recently my foundation ran out and I noticed that I no longer needed a full coverage foundation (goodbye, Makeup Forever HD) and opted for the Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation which provides a ‘sheer- better than normal’ skin feel. My friends all commented that whatever I was doing for my face seemed to be working. This serum doesn’t work ‘over night’, but you’ll feel the difference. It also didn’t irritate my skin or make me break out, instead it was very nurturing of my skin. Now I see that areas of my face that had deep pockmarks and icepick scars have rehabilitated itself to being normal tissue! The reason I know this works is that my face is completely smooth now, with just minor darkness at former spots that used to have deep scars – which I think the next bottle will take care of.

I’ve reordered another bottle of this miracle in a bottle, but I put it in my beauty closet only because I don’t really need to use it anymore. I could never imagine that my search for that perfect scarring product would ever stop so resolutely but it did, and I couldn’t be happier that the product is natural and clean. To be honest, even if the product wasn’t clean, I would recommend it based on the results, but the fact that it not only took care of my scars but also made my skin improve AND is well formulated to use only high quality, clean ingredients is just FANTASTIC!

I know that usually people won’t believe these types of posts that seem “too good to be true” and I’m not sure my experience is going to be everyone else’s experience, so let me just say I am not a paid spokesperson for this brand, rather I just absolutely love this product and what it has done for my confidence. I used to hide behind makeup, but now I’m no longer intimidated working in the beauty section with a sheer layer of tinted moisturizer. I recently changed out heavier foundations to ones from Koh Gen Do which cover very lightly and it has made me so happy to be “one of those girls”.

Although I want to be relatively anonymous due to my job, I do want to show you guys a before and after. In March, I had a bad reaction/breakout to a product that  we tested for work from a well known brand. Luckily I tested it out on my hands so all the scar tissue and redness formed there (note: this isn’t the exact same as acne scarring but I just want to show you how effective it was in treating and ‘perfecting’ my skin).

Before (raised area of red/irritated scar tissue and tiny bumps, rough texture)

After (1 week later- 6 uses of only 2 drops each time)

I think a picture speaks a thousand words so for any of you looking for a truly effective solution for your acne scarring/pigmentation problems without causing more harm to your skin, try this out!



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