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The idea of spending $$$ on serums, and leaving supplements as an after thought doesn’t make sense. The research is conclusive that the things we ingest play a bigger picture in our overall health, and while we don’t discount the power of a really epic serum, at the end of the day it seems a bit daft to distill one’s youthfulness and wellness to only the lines or breakouts on one’s face. Here are a few of our favorite supplements:

Top Row (L to R):

WelleCo Nourishing Protein
Protein is often seen as a “men’s supplement” as it’s equated to muscles and working out. But men and women can both benefit from more protein. Protein deficiency can cause the loss of muscle mass, slower recovery from physical activity, and anemia. Most protein comes from sources we prefer to avoid. Welleco sourced their protein from Pea and Brown Rice Protein, making it clean and plant-based. It tastes satiating, and contains a host of other wonderful and important ingredients like L-Glutamine, Taurine, and fiber-rich Psyllium Husk. Clean protein with additional functional benefits, this is as good as high-end proteins get.

Sun Potion Green Adaptogens
A 3 herb mix of Suma, Maca, and Chlorella that tastes green and slightly toasty. Green Adaptogens is not a daily go-to supplement. The herbs are all geared toward raising energy levels. Instead, think of this as your caffeine-less energy boost, excellent for jet lag, or since who is really traveling that much these days, when you just feel like you’ve been put through the ringer.

MIJA Superstar
Superstar is made from adaptogenic superfoods that have the highest levels of bio-availability. Think of it as a modern, universal one-and-done multivitamin. It’s benefits are comprehensive, it’s performance is clinical, and it’s formula as good as it gets from an 100% organic ingredients list to having luxe ceremonial-grade matcha as a base ingredient. Superstar is made by acclaimed and board-certified Silicon Valley-based dietitian and nutritionist, Sarah Koszyk, and its formula is informed by decades of data points including her work at Zuckerberg General Hospital in San Francisco. This is foundational, and our non-negotiable daily supplement as it provides for every baseline nutritional need.

Flora Ex Machina Royal Ghee Gold
This delicious spread is made from raw honey, grass-fed ghee, propolis, turmeric, pepper, ashwagandha, and Himalayan salt. The highlight of this concoction is ghee, a type of Ayurvedic butter. It works with raw Californian wildflower honey forms the base for the immune and anti-inflammation centric spread of herbs. Excellent as a “lubricator” with functional anti-inflammatory benefits. Royal Ghee Gold is exactly what’s needed for recovery after strenuous workouts as it relieves common issues like tennis elbow or runners knee. And in some cultures, women also use it to boost healthy fat content while breastfeeding.

The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost
Collagen is responsible for the characteristic plumpness and bounciness found in youthful skin. Inner Beauty Boost is a liquid concentrate that dilutes in water. It tastes like berries, and contains a good serving of gut healthy probiotics as well. It’s a wonderful add-on if you’ve been in situations that might cause collagen breakdown such as sun and smoke exposure, or certain partake in activities such as running (the gravity is no bueno).

The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic
The Nue Co’s Skin Food + Prebiotic is a tarty powder. The formula contains ingestible Vitamin C at 122% daily value along with a prebiotic that smooths out digestion for clearer, brighter skin. In immune-readiness season, the extra Vitamin C helps to support the immune system.

Made by a master herbalist to counter the 4PM slump, and reawaken the body. CAP Beauty’s signature supplement series did not disappoint from a conceptual standpoint. The O’CLOCKS 4PM has a nice tasting formula that reminds us of some of the Moon Juice dusts with a more palette friendly taste. However, for some reason the powder was so clumpy from the outset, and has hardened so much that it’s unscoopable (even bending our metal spoons).

Bottom Row (L to R):

Mariage Frères Pleine Lune
One of the most prestigious heritage French tea houses, Mariage Frères offers timeless, yet unique full-bodied flavors. Pleine Lune is a honeyed Black tea with notes of apricot, and warm vanilla with a pinch of spice. Definitely would not be out of place in the world of Harry Potter. Would also recommend the blue tea, made from green tea leaves and infused with notes of passion fruit and lychee over a milky coconut-rice profile.

The Fullest Saffron Latte
An uplifting, pleasing, and delicious happiness potion. Saffron Latte is helps the body release happiness-inducing, stress-relieving hormones. Easily mixable, tasty, and pleasurable all around. In 2020, we’ve really enjoyed (and needed) this bright cup of cheer. Full Review.

Pot d’Huile Hemp-Infused CBD Olive Oil
This functional CBD infused olive oil from Pot d’Huile is one of our at-home cooking must haves. Made from premium single-variety, cold-pressed, organic Californian Olives, and infused with full-spectrum CBD from Californian grown hemp. Drizzle onto salads, breads, or any place you want your olive oil to go. It tastes incredible, like a bottle of gourmet olive oil, and generates a nice, relaxing buzz. We recommend this olive oil to be enjoyed over a slow, thoughtful dinner, as the anti-inflammatories on the CBD lift away the wear and tear of the day.

WelleCo The Super Elixir
This is the OG of the WelleCo family, the original Super Greens that opened the conversation on green, alkalizing supplements. Inside, you’ll find a plethora of fabulous ingredients like Shiitake mushroom and free radical scavenging Grape Seed powder. Although there is now a Lemon and Ginger flavor option, the original Pineapple and Lime was quite agreeable to us. It’s actually the only flavor available in the refillable caddy option. The entire experience of this is luxury supplement at its highest-end.

The Nue Co Skin Filter
The Nue Co’s Skin Filter is a supplement that functions as edible skincare. It offers a good dose of 50% daily value of Vitamin A as beta-carotene, and a patented blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, Champagne Grapes, and Melon extract. Designed as ingestible skincare, The Nue Co originally rolled this out with many before and afters photos to show that their approach works just as well, if not better, than topicals. We suggest taking these pills for a month, with before and after photos. These pills will have you convinced that they’re real life skin filters.

Written by: Garçon’s World Team & The Beauty Idealist


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