The Grown Up Blotting Paper: Tatcha ORIGINAL ABURATORIGAMI

Tatcha Blotting Paper

After recently attending multiple weddings over the past summer months, I’ve reverted back to my old high school ways of carrying a pack of blotting papers with me to remove the oily shine that I thought had been a thing of the past. Alas with high humidity, scorching temperatures, and receptions organized right under the toasty sun, I quickly nixed any notion that I was beyond a quick fix of a swipe from a blotting paper. Only – with age comes wisdom and gone are the days of the familiar Clean & Clear blue plastic-like sheets, and in comes a seriously sophisticated spin incorporating gold flakes.

Tatcha’s Original Aburatorigami comes in a 30 sheet pack. Each sheet is a beautiful square shape which just feels more elegant in the hand and the material is a natural leaflet rather than plastic or whatever material those Clean & Clear sheets are made from. Just reaching for these makes me feel like “I’m a lady touching up” rather than an “overly hormonal teenager struggling to keep it together.” The gold flakes also tell the world you’ve made it because not everyone is patting gold on their skin now are they?

Tatcha Blotting Papers

What’s really important though is that this all natural leaflet is actually a superior product, here’s why:

1. It doesn’t pull oil, it only soaks up the excess shine so your skin isn’t left to over compensate later with an even oilier complexion which is a serious issue I had with blotting papers in the past.

2. Does not move make-up since it is a really thin sheet, you don’t need to really apply too much pressure for it to work unlike other blotting papers that would have a weird magnet-like effect on some makeup.

3. Large sized sheets makes it ideal for reapplication.

Tatcha’s Original Aburatorigami sheets elevate the blotting paper game and add a bit of refinement to a process that often is not associated with being glamorous.

Available at:
Violet Grey

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