Ila Body Lotion for Nurturing Skin


As I’ve mentioned in a past write up, Ila is a premium UK brand that produces spa-grade concoctions. I’m currently playing with their Radiance Face Oil, one of Spirit Demerson’s favorite face oils. I really enjoy Ila’s minimal packaging and simple formulations that focus on creating a sensory experience.

The Ila line has many body oriented products so I thought I’d start with their Body Lotion. Although my face is combination with a tendency to be oily and blemish prone, my body leans toward the dry side. If I do not apply some type of moisturizer like a body oil or lotion after showering 2-3 days in a row, I’ll get dry skin around my elbows and legs. 

The Body Lotion comes in various sizes, but you only get the pump if you order the large size (300 ml). I ordered 150 ml because I was going into it without any samples so I wanted to be sure it was as great as I hoped. Without the pump, it is difficult to get the rather clumpy cream out so I usually stand it upside down. 


The cream is clumpier than the Weleda Body Lotion that I reviewed, but it isn’t bad. I think this texture is actually an indication of the purity as there aren’t a lot of chemicals to adjust the consistency and texture into a streamlined cream, so I’ve come to appreciate this. After all, it’s not like the cream texture is ‘bad’, and it applies just as easily. To be clear, I really think this consistency is an indication of quality and a standard of purity, so it’s actually a good thing that in no way hinders application of the product, it is just one of those things that people who are accustomed to more filtered products will need to realize.


Nourishment comes from the Rose Flower Water, Apricot Kernal Oil, and Shea butter. Rose Flower Water is a powerful toning ingredient that is wonderful for all skin types. Apricot Kernal Oil is high in emollient fatty acids and Vitamin E, which smooths and hydrates skin. Shea butter is one of my favorite natural ingredients in moisturizers, and if done well, like in this concoction, can be light and airy. 

I feel that of all my body lotions, this provided that perfect balance which always nourished my skin but never left it feeling greasy or layered over. My skin always seems to hold up better to dryness after applying this and when I apply this at night I can tell the difference the next morning. In fact 3 applications a week after showering kept all dry, flaky skin at bay and made my skin look and feel very comfortable and healthy. In terms of performance, this hands down is my favorite body lotion.

The biggest gripe I have with it, and this might be a deal breaker for repurchase: is the scent. I normally don’t place emphasis on the scent, but seeing as to how the essential oils used for the scent don’t play a big part in the consistency or moisturizing effectiveness, I do feel like it should be pleasant, especially from a line known for producing beautiful spa grade products. The scent is best described as strong and overpowering, very herbal but not in a fresh way – it’s almost a spicy medicinal scent. The worst part is that after it wears for a while, the scent gets on clothing or if you’re in bed, it’s all over your sheets. My boyfriend said it reminded him of a hospital room where they disinfect you and set you up on IV drips and I have to agree, it’s just very ‘off’. I don’t think I want to keep using this product for this reason alone. 

If the scent could be changed into something softer and more pleasing, I’d definitely recommend this as a buy because as an actual skin hydrating product, it is superb. 



  1. August 13, 2013 / 5:03 pm

    I have this body lotion and I’ve only used it once since the smell turns me off so much. It’s way too strong and it definitely lingers all day which has me regretting that I had even put it on. I really liked the packaging but getting the lotion out of the bottle was pretty difficult for me too so this is definitely not on my re-buy list. Xo, Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature

  2. Claire Howie
    December 23, 2014 / 9:49 pm

    I had this product used on my skin in a Spa and I was also given a sample of it to take home. I agree it’s clumpy and difficult to get out of the bottle and for me the fragrance is the best part of the product and why I intend to buy the 300ml pump size. I agree the fragrance is strong however it transports me straight back to the Spa and instantly relaxes me.

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