Have you tried mu beauty’s facial oil? I’d be interested to know what you think of it compared to Yuli’s oils. Thanks for so many in-depth reviews!

Hi Holly Go Tritely! Thanks for your question! Which YULI facial oil do you want me to compare this to? I have used their ME Skin Fuel and really like it, it kind of smells like Rodin Face Oil but is suitable for my sensitive, normal-combination, blemish prone skin type.

I have not used the MU Beauty Facial Oil, I went to their site and the price is great! $45 for 1 oz. I wish the bottle were a darker color to protect from UV, but thats not a big concern, it is still a pretty bottle.

I don’t know if I could use this because although the product description says it is lightweight, the carrier oils in this are mainly made of Coconut and Avocado which are way too thick for my skin type. I would probably break out from this combination of oils. Also, I was a little surprised that this uses Oat, Soybean, and Barley which means, with the addition of the Argan oil in this product, those with Nut Allergies AND those with Gluten Allergies cannot use the product. Personally, I do not have nut allergies so I am able to use products with Argan oil, but gluten is very hit-miss for me based on the specific cultivar. And I like Tumeric extract for its nutritional properties but it is also a spice, which is a key irritant in many skincare preparations (and you will get more on my experience later with Tumeric when I review a May Lindstrom product). I don’t think this means MU Beauty has a bad product, just that it isn’t suitable for me at all. If you have dry not sensitive skin, this is a pretty good and afforable product to use.  

If I can get my hands on a sample, I will review and let you know how I like it but based on the ingredients list, I’m not going to buy a product seems to be all types of wrong for my skin. 


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