Mailbag- Questions from e-mails/tumblr

I’ve decided to take this time tonight to answer questions I’ve received in my e-mail and tumblr message box. I’m mainly forcing myself to do something to not crash while waiting for my hair to dry. So here we go!

Do you ever use any drugstore brands?

I tend to stay away from most mainstream brands (not just drugstore but also high-end, I LOVE a niche or cult product!). But as I’ve gained more knowledge of ingredients and know how to read the ingredients lists, I have started using more basic, clean brands sold at general health food stores such as Whole Foods and Trade Joes. For example, I think dollar for dollar, Badger Balm’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is the best! I also buy natural toothpaste from Toms, and stash my own NOW brand oils for DIY experimentation. I also cannot function without Weleda Skin Food, which is the must have cream for my dry hands.

How much do you spend on products?

I know it might seem like I keep buying new products but I work part-time in the beauty dept. so we go home with new products all the time to familiarize ourselves. I’m also genuinely interested in discovering the latest/greatest so I probably do save up more of my money for products, but honestly I don’t just make careless splurges every week on a new product! Since starting this blog, I’ve been fortunate that a few kind companies really understand and appreciate my writing, so they’ve been helpful with giving me access to their products. 

Have you ever felt bad about anything you’ve written?

I don’t think so! In general, I think I’m usually fair – if something made me break out I will say so but at the same time, I do own up to the fact that everyone’s skin is different. For instance, shea butter is an amazing product but I cannot put it on my face without my pores getting congested. So I will make note of that, but I will also advise shea butter products for people with drier skin. 

The only thing I’ve felt iffy about was when I made a comment regarding Josie Maran’s skincare line and VBeaute that they relied too heavily on one single miracle ingredient. From a consumer standpoint it always makes me feel like “but what else am I missing out on!?” However I don’t want people misunderstanding that sentiment for lines such as Kahina which does have a focus on Argan Oil or Intelligent Nutrients which focuses on the Intellimune complex, I feel that they develop comprehensive products that use these ‘miracle’ ingredients as more of a base rather than relying on them as the crux of the line. 

What is your occupation?

I’m a full time student, part time sales associate. My dream – best world scenario- is to open my own niche beauty store stocked with my favorite lines. It would truly be the best job in the world for me! As it is, my favorite beauty stores have always been the smaller, more personalized spaces that stock niche finds such as Woodley&Bunny.

What part of your beauty regimen is not clean?

I don’t think I’m 100% clean in any part of my regimen, but my skincare regimen is pretty good right now. I just ordered my first ‘clean’ nail polish from Butter London (I know purists out there will say it isn’t truly clean, but baby steps!). Besides that, I will admit that I tend to go for not-so-clean makeup. I don’t use heavy makeup from brands such as MAC or NARS, but I will go with the newer, niche companies that try to incorporate higher quality ingredients with a skin-friendly formulation such as Chantecaille, Koh Gen Do, Shiseido/Cle de Peau, Omorovicza, Ellis Faas, etc.

Are you aware that some of the natural brands you write about are not that clean?

I’m well aware that brands such as Ren, Jurlique, Aesop, etc. often contain iffy ingredients (which I call out, i.e. phenoxyethanol). However, I think on the mainstream radar, they should be placed amongst the ‘natural’ brands as they are at least making an argument that gets you thinking about how truly clean your products are. I know that the community at No More Dirty Looks (with whom I share some readers, HELLO!!) believe mainly in companies sold on SpiritBeautyLounge. For me, those companies are amazing but I just don’t think straying away and using an Aesop hand cream is going to increase the toxic load onto my body. That’s just my personal opinion on this, I know many natural beauties who believe anything not DIY is already not clean enough, so to each their own!


If you have any questions for me, feel free to send me a message to my Tumblr or e-mail me -beautyidealistblog@gmail 


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