Summer Essentials

TheBeautyIdealist Summer Essentials

We often think of our skin as a “type” but the reality is, it is constantly in flux. So while some of us have dry skin or oily skin, the truth is every day our skin is responding to so many different things that when the seasons change, skin needs will have to be evaluated. Here are the products that have been so good to my skin so far this summer.

The Hair Care: Rahua Shampoo

When I originally reviewed this shampoo, I noted that it was slightly drying. However this quality also makes it pretty good for summer where hair and scalp in general is more oily. The organic blend of quinoa, rahua-ungurahua, and palo santo improves healing, moisture retention, and regenerates scalp and hair follicles. The gentle formula uses coconut derived surfactants to clean hair and it is said to be color-safe. All these qualities make it great for summer when the sun can do some serious damage.

The Eye Care: Verso  Super Eye Serum

I have a Goldilocks problem when it comes to eye product: too light and there is a tight/dry feeling, too heavy and it makes me feel suffocated (not to mention, I’ll no doubt end up rubbing it into my eye eventually). Verso’s Super Eye Serum gets it just right. It’s a light creamy gel texture that absorbs quickly without sitting on skin but retains that feeling of significance so the delicate skin around eyes is never feeling dry and tight. The patented Retinol 8 complex is formulated into every Verso product. It’s supposedly a more effective, gentler and UV stable form of retinol that increases collagen and reverses signs of aging around the eyes. I luckily don’t have crows feet or fine lines around my eyes but I feel this really makes my eye area take care of.

The First Cleanse: In Fiore Treate

I’m not a oil/balm cleansing type of girl. It takes too long to get skin clean from the film and doesn’t ever make my skin feel that clean afterward. In Fiore’s Treate is a non-foaming cream that gently helps to remove make-up and sunscreen which is very applicable for summer when my going out routine is sweat proof make-up and heavy water-resistant sunscreen. The scent is a light jasmine which also feels refreshing for summer. The bonus is unlike oil/balms, this actually washes clean. Look for a full review to come!

The Second Cleanse: YULI Halcyon

The second cleanse is a bit of a misleading moniker in that to the average person who thinks double cleansing is too complicated might go for the first and call it a day. The truth is that the second cleanse is when you need that really effective cleanser to come in and get rid of all those things lodged deep in skin and take care of skin. I originally reviewed this and loved it. Since then I’ve used a series of cleansers to see what was out there and similar to Nephriticus (scroll to 7:50 mark), this is a holy grail that I keep coming back to because each time I’m just reminded of how good this cleanser is. During summer our skin accumulates even more of that unwanted stuff and this is the right stuff to get it all removed without stripping/drying skin thanks to a pH balanced, soap-free formula.

The Mask: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Summer is when we jam pack our schedules with weekend trips and vacations which makes this convenient jar of detoxifying mask perfect as your travel companion. Unlike powder masks which I love but take a while to prepare, this jelly mask comes ready to apply. The beta-hydroxy treatment sloughs off dead skin cells while clays detoxify skin. Perfect for summer. This mask applies like a dream gel and can be washed off when dried.  Easy and simple, with results every time.

The Refresher: YULI Metamorphic Elixir

I couldn’t finish this list without a facial mist! They’re so essential for cooling off, reducing inflammation, and irritation. I carry a mist with me everywhere, after the gym, if I’m out for too long, throughout the day in the office, and of course after cleansing. YULI Metamorphic Elixir is one I fell in love with last winter when I needed something hydrating but come summer and I’m still in love with it thanks to the completely hydro-based formula that doesn’t clog pores or add any weight onto skin. The smell of roses feel like a luxury every time I spray it and it helps to tone and soothe skin. It works great for when I’m out and about and also for an after-sun spray.

Do you also switch out products when the seasons change? What are your summer essentials? 


June Empties – Arcona The Solution, Juice Beauty Eye Treatment, Rahua Shampoo, Suki Exfoliation Cleanser



I readily admit to being a complete skincare and beauty devotee which entails hoarding products in an otherwise unrealistic fashion. My boyfriend calls it obsessive and I don’t argue with that assessment at all! Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with the options and worry products will spoil before I even get to them, only to turn around and purchase 2 or 3 new products that same week – insanity! So it’s with a sense of accomplishment that I present to you my newly finished products, the ones I managed to finish amid the ever expanding collection of products.

Rahua Shampoo
A fantastic green option for the luxury girl looking for a clean shampoo that still has the presentation factor. I have done an in-depth full review which you can read here, but suffice it to say my opinions have remained largely unchanged. I found the shampoo to be low maintenance and a delight to use 2 times a week. It was a good balance to keep my hair from being a greasy mess without drying it. The scent grew on me and was never unpleasurable to start. I think this is a wonderful luxury item but wouldn’t recommend the budget conscious beauty save up for this if she’s after results as the bottle of Acure I’m currently testing offers really *surprisingly* good performance at a third of the price.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment
This was reviewed a LONG time ago (click link on product title to read that), but I needed to go through another tube to figure out how I felt. I do want to point out that this is a gel-serum like texture so those looking for a moisturizing eye treatment should look elsewhere. As an eye treatment, I cannot say if it did anything for heriditary dark undereye circles which I am extremely prone to but I also know this is not really something any products can treat. I did find that when my undereyes felt a little tight or tired, this provided the right amount of relief. Also very important is that this treatment does not ‘slip’ into eyes and has never irritated my VERY sensitive eye area. The applicator isn’t something I love so I just pump the dispenser onto my finger to apply which I find to be more precise. I was initially interested in this product because its premise was very similar to the Intelligent Nutrients Eye serum (next on my to try list) and I found it to be ultimately a pretty solid product, but it hasn’t kept me from trying other eye products either.

Arcona The Solution
As a massive fan of Arcona’s Gentle Solution which was recommended to me by Hazel, the owner of Nubonau, I had really high hopes for The Solution. These products are like mini chemical peels that are applied overnight to exfoliate, resurface and clear skin. I really enjoyed using the Gentle Solution so around March I decided to spring for The Solution which is a more powerful version of the same product, which I thought would be perfect for summer when my skin needs a stronger product. I was surprised that The Solution had a liquid texture while the Gentle Solution was like a gel, and this made The Solution difficult to apply. It also made it runny on the skin unless I really patted it in, which spelled trouble for my eyes when the acid would get in there. I just found it to be troublesome and not well made in this regard. The results seemed to be less impressive as well, but I’m attributing that to the difficulty of applying the product correctly. Would definitely not repurchase unless they reformulated.

Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
I am on my third jar of this cleanser which is the most popular product in the Suki line. It smells like a lemon lollipop and when used 1-2 times a week helps to slough off dead skin cells which is so necessary for blemished prone skin gals like me. I also like to use it to prepare my skin when I know I’m going to be using a super-serum so they are better absorbed. One of the key problems I noticed is that it’s nearly impossible to prevent moisture from getting into this jar because you have to scoop it out each time and even using it somewhere with water vapor (such as a shower) will interact with the product in the jar resulting in hard.. molten lumps which become difficult to scoop. I can pretty much only fully enjoy this the first month and last month of use before it has been exposed and when there is little left that it’s easier to scoop. The other gripe I have is that all of the Suki promotional pictures show a full jar of this cleanser but with all 3 jars, they came to me at about 80% full which I didn’t mind too much with the first jar but started feeling a bit misled after noticing all the brand new cleansers came with a lot of empty space. This is a great scrub but I’m looking for maybe a company that doesn’t rub me quite the wrong way.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?