Apivita Propoline Sensitive Scalp Shampoo

I’ve always on the hunt for new, unheard of products and so I was quite delighted to receive a sample from Apivita, a Greek cosmetics company that is beginning to gain a following the US. Their products are touted as natural, effective, and holistic, so I was quite interested in learning more about their products!

The Shampoo comes in a very unisex, solid apothecary bottle. I was sent the shampoo for sensitive scalp. But they have a huge variety on their website. The ingredients are 94% natural and include goodies such as Honey, Prickly Pear, Calendula, Lavender, and Chamomile. Another thing that makes the formula interesting is that water is replaced with a rosemary infusion which offers more toning and anti-septic action (chronic scalp conditions such as dandruff can be caused by bacteria). The ingredients are free of SLS, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Silicones, Phthalates, Synthetic colors.

My hair felt soft and light after the first use and instantly fell in love! I don’t remember the last time a shampoo made my hair feel so hydrated and silky. I couldn’t help but run my hands through it throughout the day! The shampoo was foamy but not drying, the fluid felt a little bit runny and thin, and I remember wondering how much I would need since my hair would probably just eat this stuff up! But amazingly, a little goes a long way!

Now for the less great news, although this formula is SLS free – it has pretty much SLS’s step-sibling Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate which probably explains the high foam factor, there are also PEG’s, Phenoxyethanol, and Parfums in here. Yes, parfum is an ingredient, I had to read that carefully and then I noticed the packaging only said it was free of Phthalates and synthetic musks, but I guess some synthetic fragrances still made it into the formula. It is just slightly irritating because unless you really focus, the ingredients and labels can be a little bit “sneaky”. I don’t know if these shortcuts are what led to a pretty wonderful performing product, but I will say, I don’t mind a less foaming, less wonderfully scented product if it will decrease the toxic load especially for a shampoo formulated for sensitive scalp. 

Available at Apivita for $20 

Aesop Equalizing Shampoo

I went to a wedding this weekend and stayed at a nice boutique hotel. I was surprised to find they stocked the restrooms with AESOP products, which is a massive  welcome departure from the norm. I usually never bring hair product for a weekend trip (TSA!), with the full knowledge that hotel shampoos will turn me into a dandruff ridden mess. But I was surprised to see Aesop’s Equalising Shampoo ($47) in the shower, after I had read about it in my boyfriends Details feature. 

I was told by concierge that this was part of their ‘Black Label’ – which surprised me since I didn’t know Aesop was trying to be the skincare version of Ralph Lauren. Nonetheless, I’m told that the Black Label is just another way of saying it is their line of hair products. The Equalising Shampoo was formulated for oily scalps to balance sebum production, it is one of 6 shampoos in the Black Label Hair care range.

The formula is true to Aesop: essential oils for scent, 80% clean, 20% not so clean- SLS is included as are PEGs. I’m told the SLS is derived from coconut, so I’m not sure if that makes it better. The shampoo comes out of the pump as a thick gel and lathers really easily (courtesy of the SLS). The scent is wonderful, I know some Aesop products smell weird and others smell great, this falls into the latter. It is herbal-minty. 

I noticed after 2 uses that my scalp didn’t flake nor was it oily which is really pleasant of a surprise for something that contains SLS, which is known to also be a drying agent. I’m not sure how my hair would stand with regular use, but after a weekend, it was fine. It really cleaned my hair leaving it only slightly ‘stripped’ feeling.  

While I enjoyed this shampoo, I do think the ‘normal’ shampoo for normal hair might be more suited for regular use. Has anyone tried hair products from Aesop before?