I tried all the fragrances from new fragrance brand, Vyrao’s High Five Set. Here are my thoughts!

Vyrao captivated me before they even launched. I had been following the brand founder, Yasmin Sewell since her fashion days, and was clued in that she was launching a fragrance brand focused on infused energy healing. Sounds woo-woo for sure, but also different enough to spark my interest. After all, one of my favorite scent discoveries in recent years has been The Nue Co.’s Functional Fragrance, so I definitely believe in the power of fragrance, and applaud the movement to make them tools for wellness.

At initial launch, Vyrao introduced five scents that each followed a different fragrance and energy profile. I could really pick one, so instead, I opted for Vyrao’s High Five Set, which has all five scents in travel sprays which work to provide a good test period and are perfect for on-the-go trips.

Vyrao High Five Set with my morning MIJA Superstar Superfood Latte

First impressions: I feel like travel/sample kits are usually an after-thought, and not well put together. But Vyrao’s High Five Set is really thoughtfully done. The set comes in a custom-made, slide-out box that in itself is quite beautiful and portable. All of the travel-sized perfumes are well-packaged in a high quality perfume sprayer with protective end-caps, so it has all the functionality of a full-sized bottle of perfume.

What I also love is that each perfume has a quick energy description printed in the box under each bottle so you can discover the scents based on energy first if you don’t know where to start.

Now let’s go into the scents themselves. As a general overview, I was quite happy to discover these botanical-based fragrances hit that perfect sweet spot between traditional wear, and clean ingredients. I’d slot this between something ultra-pure like Strange Invisible Perfumes and something like a Byredo. I’m sure there are some parts of the formula that extend wear beyond what anything purely natural can accomplish, and the scents never smell like throwing together essential oils, yet there isn’t anything that makes the fragrances nauseating, cloying, nor overly powerful. It’s really sitting on that perfect line between traditional high-end perfumes and ultra-clean perfumes, and I applaud Vyrao for really nailing this fine line as it makes all of the scents extremely wearable in a ‘best of both worlds’ deal.

Okay, as for the five scents, here’s a brief overview with their energy intention and description:

Georgette: for self-love. This is the floral of the perfume family. Described as such:

“This is our rose. Turkish rose oil for self-love and enlightenment, violet leaf absolute for self-expression, sandalwood and patchouli for grounding and guaiac wood for energy clearing, wrapped in pink pepper and black tobacco. Georgette will raise your vibration.”

via Vyrao.com

Free 00: for liberation and sensuality. This is Vyrao’s take on citrus. Described as such

“Free 00 layers fresh Sicilian lemon, mandarin and soothing orange flower absolute with the sensuality of Egyptian jasmine and vanilla, notes of calming sandalwood and waterlily for courage of heart. To feel alive and uninhibited is Free 00.”

via Vyrao.com

I am Verdant: for transformation and illumination. This is noted as Vyrao’s signature, and is a very fresh green scent sprinkled with elevated florals and citrus. Described as such

“I am Verdant is a fragrance sprouting fresh green growth. Its enveloping mossy citrus aromatic comes from clarifying Italian bergamot and uplifting cyclamen combined with illuminating frankincense, cleansing iris absolute and orange flower absolute for elevating the spirit.”

via Vyrao.com

Magnetic 70: for attraction and protection. This is Vyrao’s take on woodsy scents, and is perhaps the most masculine-facing scent in the unisex line. Described as such

“Magnetic 70 is formulated with vetiver for sensuality and grounding, cedar wood for positivity, frankincense for illumination and angelica seed for protection. Deeper notes of iris, juniper wood and elemi combine to create a woody and spiritual ether to remind us there is only now.”

via Vyrao.com

Witchy Woo: for courage and creativity. In my opinion, this is Vyrao’s spin on a spice oriented fragrance, except it’s done in a very feminine way as opposed to traditional masculine-based spice oriented fragrances. Described as such

“Deep, earthy, rare Moroccan orris absolute casts the spell of Witchy Woo. Orris entwines thorny rose, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper with grounding patchouli and wraps it in illuminating frankincense and opoponax with musk to seal. Wake up the powerful alliance of your courage and creativity.”

via Vyrao.com

My favorite of this set would have to be (in no particular order):

I am Verdant: The opening notes absolutely took me away. It’s such a beautiful, and delicate interpretation of plant energy. The green notes are well developed with the subtle sweet, uplifting touch of citrus, and even more careful touch of luxurious florals that make you feel like you’re a bee in the most beautiful garden.

There is nothing in my archival fragrance knowledge that I could compare this to, just that it’s such a pleasing, and unique scent. No wonder it’s their signature. If there is one area that isn’t perfect, it’s the ultra-base note. Somehow by the 8th hour, the scents becomes very powdery with my skin chemistry. I wish that were powered down a little, or less powdery, but it does go away quickly and isn’t really another bothersome. Initial wear 10/10, long wear 8/10.

Georgette: This was actually the last perfume of the entire bunch that I tried. And am I glad to have found it! At the time I already loved the Vyrao selections, but I felt “this line is really missing a nice floral” and I’m not necessarily even a floral girl. But then I sprayed on Georgette, and it was like “Oh hello you beautiful babe! There you are!” It’s a lovely ode to rose with an edge, as the sandalwood, tobacco, and pink pepper give it just a bit of buzz where it will never smell like your grandmother’s florals.

Normally, I find floral perfumes to be too middle-note heavy, but Georgette has beautiful top notes that stay with the middle and bottom notes so it’s a very nicely structured and multi-layered floral that is quite tantalizing and unique. If there is any note, it would be that I’d like the dry down to keep the rose a little stronger. Um. But that’s it, which in the general scheme of things isn’t that much of a biggie at all. So 8/10.

Free 00: Either this is the perfume with the least wear-time of the group, or I just never want it to go. Regardless, it’s always a good sign when you can’t get enough of a perfume, and that’s exactly how I feel about Free 00. Citrus has the tendency to be light then overly sweet, but not one seems to take a different route. Free 00 is a very full-bodied citrus, like you’re getting purest shot of aged valencia oranges. And the addition of jasmine seems to add to that touch of intoxication in a way that I’ve never experienced between flower and citrus. Oh and as it dries down, there’s a beautiful almost creamy lather vanilla touched by candied citrus. It’s just… chef’s kiss.

Free 00 is the perfume that I would never say no to getting more sprays of because I just want to live in the bottle. It’s so delicious, and creative that I still discover new touches that I love about it. As I write this, I realize Free 00 is the one I’d get if I were to only pick one. 10/10

Now Magnetic 70 and Witchy Woo, I didn’t dislike per se, but I realize were not profiles I gravitate toward. Objectively, neither are bad fragrances. Subjectively, I just personally don’t wear a lot of masculine nor spice-oriented scents which is why they’re not favorites.

Magnetic 70 is a woodsy, musky vetiver. I can easily see any guy at Equinox just absolutely rock this. But on me, it’s like “what are you doing here?” In terms of scent reference, this reminds of early 00’s Gucci Rush, where there was a nice spicy, vetiver, and woodsy scent that still smelled clean. There’s also an almost atmospheric feel to Magnetic 70 that’s quite special. And I think on someone with the right skin chemistry, this would give that irresistible clean, creamy masculine vibe. On me: 4/10, on my partner: 9/10.

Witchy Woo is a perfume I struggled with, because on paper, it’s a spice-oriented perfume which I usually don’t vibe with, but every time I spray this one on, it’s a lot nicer than I anticipate. I feel like Vyrao really understands balance, and in this case, they balance the spice with a nice sweet and almost aquatic floral undertone so that it has body and depth. I’d almost consider this the other side of the coin to Georgette, which was rose dominant with some spice. Even as I smell it right now, I like it a lot. And at times, I’m like “oh wait, do I actually like Witchy Woo more than Georgette?” because it’s a really well crafted intertwinement between rose and spice that is feminine and delicious. I think where I stand on Witchy Woo is that it’s really lovely, and such a good rose. It reminds me of a Middle-East inspired Aesop fragrance. Witchy Woo might be one of those fragrances I’d really love if it was gifted to me, and although not something I’d typically get, I’d think “oh this is nice” each time I wore it. 7/10.

The top line summary of Vyrao is that as a brand, it sits at the perfect intersection between having a wear time that extends beyond anything achieved by purely natural botanical perfume brands like Strange Invisible, Sigil, Heretic, etc. yet their formula is heavily botanical based and doesn’t ever truly run the risk of cloying or nauseating those with sensitive noses like me who need to rinse off their Byredo and D.S. & Durgas after 2 or 3 hours. The quality and level of their formulas exemplify a sophistication in olfactive complexity, and balance that is genuinely rarely seen to the point where it ends up that 4 out of 5 fragrances are ones I’d genuinely wear regularly, a hit rate that no other fragrance brand has achieved.

If you’re not sure where to start, the High Five Set is really the perfect introduction. And if you want a full-sized bottle, I hope my review helps point you in the right direction. I think there is something for everyone at Vyrao, and much to love. Just give it a try.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Vyrao, or feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions on their products/fragrance in general that I didn’t answer in my review!



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