Review: MIJA Galaxy Cloud Creamer

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a beauty company CEO in my previous life working in beauty at Neiman Marcus. He said “we want to make the best product, but… if you make it too good, it’s challenging to figure out where to go from there.” When wellness brand, MIJA, first came on the scene, I was lucky to be one of the first to review Superstar (here’s the post), a hero product, if you will, that streamlines all the potential daily plant ingestibles into one scientifically-backed (their co-founder is a board certified nutritionist and dietitian) solution. And I called it a game changer. However, once you have a one-and done, what’s next?!

Meet Galaxy Cloud Creamer. Officially the 2nd standalone product from MIJA that was released at the beginning of the month. Here’s how it’s described:

An organic, vegan creamer free of dairy, sugar, gluten, and additives. We formulated it with beneficial, creamy MCT fats, mushrooms, prebiotics, nootropics, beneficial minerals, and a clinical dose of 1000 MG adaptogens per serving.

Because 70% of the population drinks coffee daily (coffee is the no.2 most consumed beverage in the world, after water). And creamers are regarded as the most commonly used, and the most unhealthy coffee add-on. Our goal is to meet you where you’re at, which means incorporating opportunities for wellness into existing rituals. So we reimagined the creamer as one that is not only good-for-you, but also capable of mitigating the common downsides to drinking coffee, and make your coffee work better for you!

MIJA’s mantra is clear, “Our goal is to meet you where you’re at.” And isn’t that a revelation? MIJA is shaping the conversation on wellness to be one that actively and realistically problem solves how we’re going about our day. Superstar condensed multi-step ingestibles into an efficient, and effective daily one-and done. And Galaxy Cloud Creamer basically takes our biggest morning ritual, coffee, and says “let’s turn that into an opportunity for wellness!” It’s smart. In a time where people are time constrained, or unwilling to adapt new practices, the best wellness practice is the one that will stick.

Coffee hasn’t been untouched, there are many “better coffees” focusing on higher-quality coffee beans, and even “coffee alternatives” which remain more novelties, and not realistic disruptors. By introducing a coffee creamer, something that most of us add to our coffees, MIJA smartly finds the major opportunity for wellness. If you can’t tell, I’m a total fan of this approach.

Now let’s talk about the actual product, which I purchased the day of release because, c’mon… I love a good packaging moment, and it was obvious that MIJA really knocked it out with how they considered approaching Galaxy Cloud Creamer from a wellness perspective.

First Impressions

There is something special about the care and attention MIJA puts into their products, where it just feels so unique and high quality. Galaxy Cloud Creamer comes in a hearty size, which provides a month worth of product in a beautiful, resealable, easy-to-take-to-work pouch. Once I opened the pouch, I was greeted with a deliciously coconut-creamy aroma that made me super excited to try it. I even tasted some of the powder plain, and it’s like cookie dough!

I loved watching the powder melt into the coffee, and turn my coffee into a delicious caramel cloudy color. The taste is a perfect hit of creaminess that doesn’t overpower the natural coffee flavor, but takes the sharp bitterness and acidity edge off for something much more soft and pleasing. There’s a nice mellow note that is subtle which really lifts all the flavors too. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice Galaxy Cloud Creamer felt and tasted. Health benefits aside, it’s definitely a treat.

The Benefits

Traditional creamers are generally regarded as the most processed, artificial, and unhealthiest part of drinking coffee. And the reason why this is a problem is because it’s also what most of us add to our coffee, in fact, there’s a statistic that over 85% of Starbucks orders are made with creamer. Galaxy Cloud Creamer is made with organic, vegan ingredients, and it’s sugar-free, additive-free, dairy-free, which in itself already makes it a better choice over traditional creamers.

HOWEVER, this is not only healthy and good-for you. Each ingredient in Galaxy Cloud Creamer works as legit wellness actives including: a clinical 1000 mg dose of adaptogens and adaptogens with L-Theanine and Lion’s Mane Mushroom, prebiotics, and trace minerals (magnesium and zinc) that make up for what coffee siphons off. The genius of Galaxy Cloud Creamer is that it actually makes coffee work better by addressing the most common problems that coffee creates, and in turn produce better wellness results for the drinker. Here’s how it addresses the problems:

➊ Spikes, jitters and crashes from caffeine.
Provides controlled time-release of caffeine for a sustained energy boost throughout the day.

➋ Restlessness, stress and anxiety.
Nootropics and clinical 1000 mg adaptogens reduce stress and anxiety, which encouraging the production of calm, creative brain waves. Healthy fats serve as brain fuel.

➌ Decreases sleep quality.
L-Theanine and magnesium are recognized as best-in-class nutrients for improving sleep quality.

➍ Hard on digestion.
Prebiotics aid gut health. Research shows prebiotics are more advantageous than probiotics because they provide the optimal conditions for good gut microflora to thrive.

Healthy fats also provide cushion and neutralize harsh acidity of coffee.

➎ Muscle breakdown.
Encourages the body to burn fat for energy rather than muscle.

➏ Interferes with nutrient absorption of vital minerals magnesium and zinc.
Supplements bioavailable magnesium and zinc to mitigate imbalance and give the body more of these minerals that is lacking in most diets.

➐ Increase Cortisol Levels.
A notorious stress-triggered hormone that coffee consumption is known to exacerbate. Studies show drinking coffee with healthy fats like our MCTs, with the addition of adaptogens lowers cortisol levels.

Results & Thoughts

Having only used Galaxy Cloud Creamer for the past week, I can’t speak toward any long term results. However, I kid-you-not, from the very first time I added this to my black coffee, I noticeably felt the difference, and could tell it was taking off the uncomfortable caffeine edge. This isn’t one of those “in your head” things that we make ourselves believe, I legit could tell my body was responding differently to the coffee. And through the day, I wasn’t sleepy, nor tired, if anything I had more energy throughout, so the Galaxy Cloud Creamer wasn’t making the caffeine weaker, but in place of that unstable jolt, everything felt more controlled and functional.

Let’s go into some TMI, while my partner drinks coffee everyday, it is something I only take on occasion when I feel I need that hit. I have a sensitive digestive system, and coffee can aggravate acid reflux. So it came as a huge relief to me that adding Galaxy Cloud Creamer to my coffee prevented any digestive discomfort, and no acid reflux flareups occurred.

Usually wellness ingestibles don’t have as obvious measurable results, but in this case many of the benefits like the sustained caffeine management and digestive help come from clinical doses of straight acts like L-Theanine and MCT to actually provide a functional benefit. I also appreciate the ‘unfelt’ benefits like the boost in magnesium and zinc, two minerals responsible for basically… everything including energy, sleep, metabolism, immune health, skin, you name it, that we’re all pretty deficient in, that also happen to get blocked by coffee. So the fact that Galaxy Cloud Creamer makes up for it by boosting these two minerals should go a long way for daily coffee drinkers.

MIJA’s Galaxy Cloud Creamer is impactful because it has a truly innovative, scientifically-backed, and comprehensive solution-based formula, and because it is a product that can easily be added to our daily routines so we actually use it! A beautiful pouch offers a month supply at $39, or $33 with subscription. I also have a pre-holiday discount for you. Use code BETTERCREAMER20 for 20% off the Galaxy Cloud Creamer (with free US shipping).


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